elements of summer window display

Color can be said to be the basic element of window display. Summer window, the most entry is also the best operation is to let the color in the window become a little colorful or cool and refreshing, on this basis to add a little scene layout, picture sense and advanced feeling will come immediately.


Colorful could be seen far away, but style should be seen nearby. To be eye-catching, the color should be bright. In summer, the color should be cool! The classic commonly used summer window display scene includes the ocean, beach, swimming pool, blue sky, and forest. The most commonly used proper elements are ice cream, life-saving circle, umbrella, windsurfing, anchor, tropical plants, and so on.

The following case is our latest summer window display props made for a brand department store. Bright colors match common display props with "big" size, full of summer color and feeling, and eye-catching!