Lane Crawford Snowman Christmas Display Lane Crawford Snowman Christmas Display

inflatable display props

The bell at the end of the year is about to ring, and various brand stores have also put on new decorations and promotions. The following is a PVC inflatable snowman display prop commissioned by gswindowdisplay for a certain brand client. Placing a chubby snowman in the center of the storefront, adds a flamboyant touch to the otherwise space, alongside a sofa where visitors can relax and enjoy the space behind. This may be one of the ways for brand planning to attract tourists!

Lane Crawford 2022 Christmas Display 4
Lane Crawford Snowman Christmas Display
Lane Crawford Snowman Christmas Display

Based on the PVC soft material selected by the customer in the prop production plan, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce the characteristics and related information of the PVC soft material! This time, we will first introduce the types of props that are suitable for making with PVC soft material.

Features of soft PVC material

Most of them are made with high molecular weight PVC resin, that is SG4 type or above. By containing a large amount of plasticizer, it has excellent softness, elongation at break, improved cold resistance, soft texture, airtightness, and water impermeability. The addition of plasticizers reduces the electrical insulation, but still maintains a very high electrical insulation.

The main classifications applied to the manufacture of props are:

PVC film: Mainly used for inflatable, water-infused (liquid) products and packaging bags, such as inflatable toys, card holders, and soft film ceilings.

PVC Coating: Commonly used for tents, membrane structures, mesh membranes, landscape membranes, etc.

PVC transparent sheet: Mainly used for product packaging, blister (vacuum cover), and other general blister products.

PVC Opaque Sheets: More common are body reflective stickers.