Natural and lifelike fabric store display props

Cloth is often used in store displays because of its environmental protection and high-cost performance. Recently, a certain brand is even more ingenious. According to the store design concept and promotion characteristics, it has customized a batch of fabric green plant display props.

Many brand stores will buy some green plants for display.But real green plants are generally inconvenient to take care of, so they choose simulated green plants.However, the ready-made simulated green plants purchased on the market are relatively similar and have no characteristics.So this time the brand chose to customize fabric plants to realize the display creativity.

In terms of material, they chose denim-like fabrics that match its products; in terms of color selection, they chose pure green-based pure tones, plus the fabric surface of the flowerpots and hemp rope decoration, making these fabric potted plants realistic and outstanding environmental protection concepts,. Simple fabrics, printed patterns with brand characteristics, and ingenious ideas are combined to produce environmentally friendly, simple and beautiful fabric display props.