Customized Light Box Display

The customer's shop is situated on the second floor, and they want to attract more customers by creating an eye-catching light box display facing the road near the window. The challenge is that the building's appearance must remain undamaged, so the light box cannot be installed outdoors. Instead, it needs to be placed inside the shop without drilling or gluing it onto the walls or glass. After several visits to the store and numerous conversations with the customer, we were able to design a customized and distinctive light box display solution.

Remarkably, we completed the entire project within just one week, which greatly pleased the client. They were highly satisfied with both the display scheme and the efficiency of our production process.

The light box features a detailed structure diagram employing a sky-earth support system. It incorporates a suction cup at the bottom and an original iron pipe at the top. This clever design ensures a secure and stable setup for the entire light box without causing any damage to the ground or walls.

Customers highly praise the display effect of the light box. It features a borderless, ultra-thin design on the outside, combined with a borderless picture frame on the inside. This clever configuration ensures the light box does not occupy excessive space while effectively delivering both internal and external advertising impact. Moreover, the choice of a borderless light box allows the easy and convenient replacement of the screen by the store clerk.