Creative application of lenticular printing in window displays

What is lenticular printing?

The special effect of lenticular printing can divide into two parts, the 3D effect and the picture-changing effect. Briefly, lenticular painting is to make a static image show different content from different angles and even move. It is based on a technology in which a lenticular sheet is used to separate left and right eye images, creating a perception of depth in printed images without the need for special glasses. This lenticular effect is activated by moving the image and viewing it from different angles.

The Application of lenticular printing

Small-format lenticular printing is often used in gifts, packaging, indoor screen display, and so on. Large-format lenticular printing has been widely used in window displays in recent years, bringing unexpected creative effects. In particular, the picture-changing effect has become one of the creative display props that many brands like to use. With the special visual merchandising design, the picture performance is always eye-catching. The animation effect brought by the visual illusion endows the window props with simple but different ideas, which are often impressive and novel!

Note for lenticular changing picture production

Creative expression of picture transformation. To get a good lenticular change effect, how many pictures of the composition of the change picture, is very fastidious, and at the same time, the design of the picture needs skills. For example, in the pattern of a partial change, the effect of changing the picture is the best.

The harmony and unity of the picture color, if the color contrast of the picture is very large, especially if the background color is black or white, the effect will be relatively poor when changing the picture.

The transition of different screens does not repeat images. In addition to the screen design, the exquisite cooperation of the production process can make creativity come true!


In lenticular production, especially the production of large-format lenticular images, it is a great test for manufacturers. Whether it is the customization of materials, the control of picture design, or the presentation of production effects, it is necessary to cooperate one by one to achieve a perfect display effect. The maximum size of our lenticular production can reach 2m*3m. With 20 years of lenticular production experience, especially for the creative application of large-format lenticular painting in window displays, we have created many stunning display cases with many well-known brands! And once led the trend of this technology in advertising display, making lenticular production become an element of creative display props that many brands like to use for a while.