Unique shape Christmas display props picture two Unique shape Christmas display props picture two

Holiday decoration display—Christmas Tree

Unconsciously, it is the end of October. After being busy with the work of the seasonal window, many brands have begun to enter the production of the gaudy Holiday decoration - Christmas window display. Indeed, for visual display designers, one of the important things after the season change in the year's second half is to prepare for the Christmas display. When you think of Christmas, what do you think of it? Santa Claus, candy, gifts, snowman, reindeer... How can there be a Christmas tree in these scenes? Looking back over the years, the Christmas trees we have made are varied and unique. Let's share it with you in advance and see if we can bring you some design inspiration!

The whole tree is shaped like a light tube, which is absolutely dazzling visually. The eyes are instantly hot, right?

Light tube Christmas tree-Luminous display
Light tube Christmas tree-window display

The shape of the Christmas tree is combined with the light box elements, and the design is quite innovative.

Lightbox Christmas tree
Lightbox Christmas tree
Lightbox Christmas tree

Combining acrylic boxes into an abstract Christmas tree, adding light bulb elements, and using the principle of reflection to reflect the effect of "BRING BRING", this idea is quite thoughtful!

Acrylic & Bulb Shaped Christmas Tree
Acrylic & Bulb Shaped Christmas Tree

The above models are all Holiday Decoration Props with lighting elements, and the absorbing sunshine index is naturally high! So what would happen without the lighting element? Of course, it is also not a difficult job for our professional production team, let's take a look.

Combined with the Scottish theme of the shopping mall, the Christmas tree is made of Scottish plaid and mounted on PVC, which is a relatively special design. In order to perfectly realize this idea, our production staff made it step by step from the small hand to the original large size in line with the proportion, after many repeated sample modifications.

PVC fabric Christmas tree

The creative design and shape are made of environmentally friendly honeycomb panel materials, which are formed by precise flat cutting. The appearance is beautiful and the idea of environmental protection is conveyed.

Environmental protection honeycomb Christmas tree
Environmental protection honeycomb Christmas tree
Environmental protection honeycomb Christmas tree

This Christmas tree is really special. The high-fidelity Christmas grass and rattan are hand-woven and unique in shape. It subverts the image of the Christmas tree in most people's minds. It can only be said that creativity is infinite! But it is not difficult for our professional production team to realize the idea in just one week.


Unique shape Christmas display props


Unique shape Christmas display props